There are many different kinds of roaches but at the end of the day a roach is a roach and no one wants to deal with all that. All we need from you is the approximate size, color, how may your seeing, and where your seeing them and we'll handle the rest!


Well almost the rest! There are a few things we need from you before we treat. After we've worked with you to identify what kind of Roach it is and how bad your infestation is there's a chance we'll need you to empty your cabinets and drawers.

There are five types of commonly found Roaches.
The American Roach- The American Roach does not generally infest homes, that being said it's not uncommon to occasionally see one in your home (we like to call them the occasional invader). These Roaches are more commonly known as water bugs. They are large and brown.
The Oriental Roach- The Oriental Roach is average size (about one inch long), are very darkly colored (dark brown to black) and have small wings (3/4ths of it's body to 1/4\th of it's body in length).
The Smokey Brown Roach- The Smokey Brown Roach is Average size (about one inch) and a very dark brown to a mahogany color. Smokey Browns have full length wings and are very strong flyers. Smokey Browns prefer warm dark damp places so are most commonly found outside or if they do infest a house in attics and crawl spaces.
The Brown Banded Roach- The Brown Banded Roach is one of the smaller varieties of Roaches, being on average 1/2 of an inch long. Brown Banded Roaches are dark brown with a light brown band going around it (not visible on its wings) hence its name. Brown Banded Roaches are not a common home invader but are known to occasionally infest homes.
The German Roach- Chances are if you are infested with a roach it's this one. The German Roach is in general the fastest breeder and the least picky about its food or living situation. German Roaches are generally between 1/2 inch long to 3/4 inch long and tan and have wings that extend the entire length of its body.