Mice and Rats


When it comes to mice and rats there's only one real differance, mice are curious and due to that fact are easier to get rid of, rats are cautious which makes them harder to get rid of.

Want them taken care of just this time?

Want them to stay gone?

House Mice
House mice are the most common mouse found inside homes, they are very inquisitive in nature and prefer to nest in dark secluded places where nesting material is readily available (hence why they are so common in closets and under beds.)
There are two kinds of common rats in NC, the Norway rat and the Roof rat. The Norway rat is the biggest of the two rats, it's nocturnal and prefer to live in the ground and if they can't then close to it. The Roof rat is a little smaller than the Norway rat, it's nocturnal, and prefers to live in trees or high places in buildings.