Flying Insects

Flying insects are the hardest insect to control due to the fact that to ensure their death they need to be treated directly or their nest need to be treated directly (if they have one).

Honey Bees
Due to the decline of wild Honey Bees unless there is an immediate threat to people it is suggested that you contact an experienced bee keeper and have the problem removed rather than exterminated.
Social Wasp
Social wasp is a grouping of a large variety of flying stinging insects that congregate in a "hive". Some of the insects included in this are Wasp, Yellow Jackets, Bald Face Hornets, and Giant European Hornets. Unlike Honey Bees Social Wasp are very aggressive and should be treated with extreme caution. Where this category of insect nest veries greatly and depending on the location can be extremely dangerous to treat.
Solitary Wasp
Solitary Wasps are as their name implies solitary. They unlike Social Wasp are not aggressive and like Honey Bees will only bite or sting defensively and like Honey Bees can actually be beneficial to have around. Included in this category of wasp are Potter Wasp, Spider Wasp, Mud Daubers, Digger Wasp, and Cicada Killers. These Wasp are beneficial to have around because they kill other insects and generally do not cause problem. On rare occasions even though they nest individually a group of them will all build their individual nest in one general location.