On this page we'll go over what services we offer for fleas, what you can do to help us help you get ride of them and about how long it'll take us to get ride of fleas.

Inside flea services

What you can do and why!

The reason for "preparing" your house before a flea treatment is to insure the most effective treatment possible resulting in quicker releif for you and your family


1. Vacuum all your carpets.- The vibration from the vacuum will awaken any eggs that may be dormant as well as pull all carpet fibers up to allow our chemicals to get to the root of the fibers (a fleas favorite napping place!).

2. Vacuum your furniture.- This does essentially the same thing as vacuuming your carpet.

3. Dispose of your vacuum bag (or clean it out way from house).- There's a good chance flea eggs are in your vacuum bag or tank, you don't want those re-hatching in your house!

4. Clean and sweep all of your floors.- We want our chemical on your floor not on dust/dirt/hair, its just more effective that way.

5. Remove all unnecessary items from floors (closets, etc.).- We want our chemicals on your floors not on your sneakers or cloths or you know etc..

6. Cover your fish aquarium.- Most pesticides are extremely toxic to fish and birds. (Very important!)

7. Remove pet food dishes, water dishes, and bedding.- the last thing we want is to harm your pets!


Outside flea service
What you can do and why
1. Make sure your yard is good and mowed before we come.- Just like with our interior treatment, we want to get our chemical strait to the base of your grass. A freshly mowed yard will enable the chemical to get to where it needs to be.
2. Wash and remove your pet bedding, remove your pets water and food.- This helps with flea eggs in your pets bedding and keeps your pet safe from our chemicals.
What to expect
After we come out and treat the inside or out side of your house for fleas you should expect immediate relief but not immediate eradication. Our first trip is strictly to knock down the flea population. You will almost always need a follow up visit 2-4 weeks after your first visit depending on how bad your infestation is. The second visit is to brake the flea's life cycle. Light infestations can be controlled with 1-2 visits (only the most ideal of situations are controlled with 1 visit), moderate to severe infestations need 3+ visits.