Earwigs and Silverfish


No one wants Earwigs or Silver fish in their house and i do mean no one. Both of these little guys are pretty self explanatory, pretty much if you've got them let us know and we'll kill them.

Want us to get rid of them just this time?

Want us to keem them gone?

An Earwigs most distinguishing factor is the pincers like appendages on its abdomens, they are nocturnal generally active at night, they eat a wide verity of things, and emit a foul odor when crushed.
Interesting fact Silverfish are a primitive species even older than cockroaches, they are covered in silvery scales, and have three antenna like appendages coming out of their tail. Silverfish feed on a wide variety of things including paper products glue and some dried meats. Silverfish are found most commonly found in places that provide moisture harborage and food.